Password Manager TipHave you realized how many user accounts we have nowadays? one for each bank account, one for each social network we are registered, one for each email account we own and who knows how many other services in the cloud we also use. In some case we reuse the user account information, but still they are too many to memorize them all. So, a few weeks ago I had to search for a password manager. But what is a password manager?

What is a password manager?

It is a software that allows you to save your password in a secure way, by encrypting your data. At the same time it helps you to keep it organized and available from different devices.

Why do I need one?

Sometimes we underestimate the use of such applications, but considering the number of password we manage nowadays with so many accounts, it is difficult to memorize all the password and store them in a safe way (PLEASE, do not write your passwords on post-its around your computer, where everybody can read them!).

How do they work?

Every application may have differences, but in general all of them have some basic functionalities in common: They Encrypt the data and Share it so that we can have access from different devices. Besides, they also have the possibility to share the data with other users, for example, team members.

Which ones are the most popular?

In this quest, I found at least 4 different apps I could use: Dashlane, StykyPassword, Roboform and Password Boss. Each has a paid membership version with full functionality, and some have a free version with access to one person from one device only, so you can decide which version suits you better, based on your requirements.

But talking with my friend Priya Abraham, from Cyberconnecting, she recommended me to check also Keepass. This is an open-source app, available for desktop and mobile. The application itself is not online, but the database with all your password can be shared online, so you can have access to the data from any device with the app installed. Actually, from my point of view, the main advantage of this app is the format of the database (.kdbx), since there are different others application which also use this format. Why? Because, then you can create the database and share it using the application most convenient for each case (SO, device, etc.) and access the information from the device you want, whenever you want. That’s why I decided to use this last application, Keepass, because all its advantages.


In order to make you easier your decision process, here you can have a look a comparison shart with a quick overview of all of them:

Features Dashlane StickyPassword Roboform Password Boss Keepass
Browser integration, so it is not necessary to type the password Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic password recording Yes Yes No
Secure Password generation (optional) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Search option Yes
Free version One user + One device One user + One device One user + One device Unlimited
Paid version Multiple user + multiple devices (price per user) Multiple user + multiple devices (price per user) Multiple user + multiple devices (price per 5 users) Multiple user + multiple devices (price per user)